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January 21, 2010


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i have been Beta Testing this thing for the last weeks and i am so in love with it that i have to share it with you:

my friend Anastasiy Safari developed a Flash Panel for Photoshop which is a perfect replacement for the built in Color Picker Dialog in Pshop.

- its NON-Modal. meaning it can stay open all the time
- it has a cool very responsive Color Wheel (like in Painter)
- its a cool replacement for those tiny tiny HSB or RGB Slider Dialogs of Pshop (oh i hate them so much!)
- AND it has something i was looking for for such a long time: you can lock Foreground and Background. Meaning that if you change FG Color, the Background color is set accordingly by the previous offset. (That makes it VERY easy to use the Color Dynamics Section of the Brush Tools to your advantage)

check it out here:

and no.. i don´t get paid to put this in my journal.. i do it because every photoshop guy will love this thing!

Cheers, Alex!
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Uhwa Jul 19, 2013  Student

Hey, You are so unfriendly company.


I bought "Magicpicker3" and send e-mail about serial number problem.


I can know you were checked my e-mail, but there's no response during 3 days.


I think you are so irresponsible company.


and I'm deliberating how can announce this case to mass.


So angry to your irresponsibility.


check again e-mail :

dude ? why the hell are you telling me this, i just recommended this software three years ago ? seriously calm down . Anastasiy is a nice guy and will get back to you for sure.. if hes not responding theres probably a reason for that.  write to him again and be a little patient, you are not writing to company like adobe.. hes just a single guy developing a great plugin.
ronbaird88 Mar 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
the magic color picker and color mixer tools by anastasiy are must haves in my opinion! love them!
Ughh is there one of these for flash?
elsevilla Apr 14, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
both this for cs3, but the activation takes forever and never works, sent an email and nothing hope he solves it soon, becuse if this work i will leave painter.
therage3k Jan 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
OK, let's be honest here - that tool looks groovy, but he needs to trade SOMEONE on DA a free license in exchange for a better page design. Holy %^& ;-) Now I gotta ask himif it works in Elements. Yes, I am cheap like that. :matteo: :spidey:
jcroxas Jan 23, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
i want to try it too! :D
eWKn Jan 22, 2010  Professional
I bought it, didn't hesitate 1 second :) been waiting for this for a while!
Looks like great stuff - i think i will get it.
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